V1 (Star)
Sun streaks through the window pane
You’re up and breathing in my veins
In my dreams you find your way
Sing and squeak till I’m awake
Sigh, oh my sleepless nights (nights)
I’m, on my feet this time (on my feet this time)
You’re taking over all my heart
You’re not here to just take part
So sing along on my guitar
My little light, my feisty star
V2 (Moon)
Sweet perfume in a jar of lace
A ball of fire that just can’t wait
In my hands you gently place
A gentle kiss as you rub my face
Sigh, guess I’ll compromise (compromise)
I’m, learning to unwind (learning to unwind)
V3 (Sun)
I can’t believe how much you’ve grown
A stream of questions tumbling out
A pool of tears when you fall down
A complex mix of gentle shouts
Sigh, my bluesy dancing skies
Try, to slow my feet in time

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